Kinder Garten

The school follows kinder garten system in its preschool. Children above 31/2 years of age are admitted into LKG classes. The classrooms and other accessories are built to match infant requirements.LP, UP, HS & HSS Classes Our focus on academic excellence reflects our deep desire to equip our students with the required knowledge and skills to be global citizens. With a student- teacher ratio of 1:20, we are able to work to perfection producing excellent results in the academic arena. The multi-cultural environment fosters understanding, tolerance and respect for individuals irrespective of caste, colour and creed. The teachers who prove to be facilitators hail from various parts of Kerala. They enrich the learners' experience with their proficiency and knowledge.

Students work with well- designed routines with equal importance being given to play, study and prep time. The students' emotional and psychological concerns are taken care of by the counselling department that works in tandem with the other staff and mentors.The congenial atmosphere that is created taking into consideration the different learning styles of every child includes the use of technology in the classrooms (SMART boards, laptops, internet connectivity, fully equipped Computer, Science and Language labs) and employment of differentiated teaching methodology and structured assessment strategies.

Fine Arts

Music and dance that play a vital role in empowering one with imaginative capabilities are taught at the school from the lower grades. The department of Fine Arts trains students in eastern, western, classical, instrumental l music and Indian, contemporary and western forms of dance. Drawing lessons are part of the time-table.

Co-Scholastic Activities

The school has always identified the need for co-scholastic activities to develop in the students a sense of leadership, self-confidence and healthy competition. Above all a healthy living style is inculcated in the minds of students through regular activities such as karate, yoga, sports and games. Ideal English School could with pride declare herself to be conscious of the need of every child to be prepared for life and be provided with rights and opportunities to be multi-talented.

Character Building

Developing a complete and balanced individual involves character building.Our young minds that are in need of positive re-inforcement, are provided with the required guidance and favourable occasions to be able to relate to global issues, offer solutions and take action. Opportunities for gaining membership in different clubs, participation in debates, declamations, quiz shows, essay writing competitions and involvement in spiritual development sessions undoubtedly prepare every student to exercise his / her sense of judgment and reasoning abilities.